Global Companies Fund


Fund overview

The Global Companies Fund aims to create long term wealth through a concentrated portfolio of 25-45 global companies that we believe are trading at prices different to their intrinsic values. 

Investment objective

investment objective


The Fund’s investment objective is to provide long term capital growth and outperform the greater of the MSCI World Net Total Return Index (AUD) or RBA cash rate over rolling seven year periods. The Fund is not intended to replicate the index, investing in a concentrated portfolio of predominantly undervalued equities and other global (including Australia) investment securities.

The Fund may be suitable if you want:

Coloured Grid Items

Capital Growth


Provided by a demonstrated, focused, patient and considered process

Pale Blue

Access to global securities


Increase your exposure to global equities, either within your portfolio or SMSF

Light Grey

A long term approach


Comfortable with investing in the Fund over the long term (7 years plus) with some short term volatility




The potential for returns that may be significantly different to those provided by the index and more traditional global equity funds.


Meet the Manager

Why invest? 


The Fund’s process has been shown to be effective, based on a philosophy developed by Paul Moore, over 30 years. This has produced attractive long term capital growth. 


We have an authentic investment process where our exposure to industry sectors, geographic regions or market capitalisation is determined solely by our conviction in the risk/ reward opportunities that we identify within portfolio guidelines. No conviction = no investment.


The Fund aims to create long term wealth for our co-investors by finding and exploiting investment anomalies around the world, wherever they are. We find opportunities where others may only see risks.


Our co-investors receive access to a unique subset of opportunities to which they would otherwise find difficult to access. The management team have significant investments in the Fund – they invest for and with you.



Fund facts

Fund Category
Global equities
Investment style

Fundamental, bottom-up, research-intensive approach

Minimum investment
Number of Stocks

As a guide, 25-45 globally listed businesses.

Inception date
Suggested investment time

7 years plus

Investor Profile

The Fund may be appropriate for investors seeking capital appreciation over a seven plus year investment horizon.